5 tips on creating a memorable conference

Conferences can be a fantastic opportunity for networking, industry news and education – but only when they’re well crafted and remembered. Here are our tips for a conference with impact:

  1. Create a welcoming and involved start to your day. Is your best sales rep or first point on contact on the floor, welcoming everyone and ensuring conversation is flowing? Pre even coffees are a great time for guests to meet each other and find common ground, which leads to networking throughout the day. Ensure your host/s know names and businesses, or have the charisma to put themselves forward and learn more about a guest to make them feel welcome and excited for the event.
  2. What ratio of your content is interactive? It’s been proven that both adults and children alike are far more likely to absorb information, and report back on on a positive experience, if education is hands on rather than sit-and-listen. Ensure at least 20% of your day is formatted as activities or workshops to keep your audience engaged and your event memorable!
  3. What small extra touches can you add to the day to make people comfortable, relaxed and switched on? Simple touches such as music during breaks and group photos of attendees they can share across social media make an event feel more personable and encourage further networking outside of the event. We also love the “post notice letter” – where participants each create a letter to themselves about what they learned and how they felt during the day, which you then post out to them one month after the event.
  4. Keep your participants fed and watered – in the best way. Rolling snacks, tea and coffee is a great way to keep energy levels up throughout the day, while healthy lunch options – especially in a break away space – mean your guests are more likely to remember a great meal alongside your great event.
  5. Don’t forget to follow up your event with positive press and media. Ensure quality photos taken through the day make it to your business social accounts, your next sales emails, and not only act as advertisement for the next, but also as a genuine Thank you to attendees this time around. This lets the gravity of the day really sink in to your attendees, and continues to make their time with you feel valued and important.


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