Out-there ideas for memorable corporate Christmas parties

Sick of the same old every year at the work Christmas party, where the only interesting thing that happens is that Bob from the mail room has too much to drink and finally comes out of his shell, over sharing tales about his cat Winky? Take a little bit of inspo from these groovy ideas we’d uncovered and pimp up your work Christmas party this year so it’s talked about for all the RIGHT reasons….


Karaoke Bridget Jones style at the work Christmas party is so last year. Step up the Rock Star factor for your team with a live band so they can fulfil their dream of being Mick Jagger. Packages even include some sweet 80’s rockstar costumes, so you can bet that phone footage of Carol from accounts rocking out to ‘Paradise City’ is going to be next level. Find out more on their website.

Laser Tag
Burn off all of those calories you are about to ingest at the corporate Christmas party by getting the team running around with funny fluoro costumes on for a bit of laser tag action. It’s the perfect solution to all the pent up end of year stress, and no one gets hurt. Strike at Melbourne Central have taken this to the next level with themed areas and killer sound tracks for corporate teams of up to 30, check out their website for more info.

Ballerinas in Bubbles
If you are looking for a touch of class and sophistication that is outside the yawn norm, this concept is pretty out there. Fully encased in a giant bubble of their own, each dancer, well, dances around the room for a pretty spectacular, classy and memorable floor show. Can’t quite wrap your head around this… find out more on their website.

Living Tables
An oldie but a goodie, Living Tables are actually quite whimsically adorned entertainers, that just happen to be also handing out food to your guests. After experiencing their entertaining offering, you’ll never accept your party pie and mini quiche from a regular waiter again. Imagine gorgeous Christmas trees, roving around your work Christmas party, add the delicious menu from our Christmas offering (from just $22pp) and you’ve got yourself a pretty memorable event.

Still seeking inspiration on how to take your Christmas party at Ether to the next level? Contact our brilliant Events Executive Kathrine for some more inspo.

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